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Unit 1 Reading List

People and Politics
by Hugh Berrington
The Professor Emeritus at the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne writes for BBC Parliament

If you would like to read more about this topic, try the following books:

Unit 1: People and Politics
Dick Leonard and Roger Mortimore, Elections in Britain: A Voters' Guide (2001)

Francesca Klug, Keith Starmer and Stuart Weir, The Three Pillars of Liberty: Securing Political Rights and Freedoms in the United Kingdom (1996)

Vernon Bogdanor, The People and the Party System: The Referendum and the Electoral System In Britain

Robert Hazell, The State and the Nations: The First Year Of Devolution in the United Kingdom (2000)

Philip Norton, Does Parliament Matter? (1993)

Stuart Weir and David Beetham, Political Power and Democratic Control in Britain (1999)

Paul Webb, The Modern British Party System (2000)

S E Finer, The Changing British Party System 1945-1979 (1980)

Hugh Berrington (ed), Britain In The Nineties: The Politics Of Paradox (1998)

Wyn Grant, Pressure Groups and British Politics (2000)

I Budge, I Crewe, D McKay and K Newton, The New British Politics (2001)

B Jones, D Kavanagh, M Moran, P Norton, Politics UK (2001)


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