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President Obama on The Andrew Marr Show
Andrew Marr's full, exclusive interview with US President Barack Obama in May 2011.


David Cameron interviewed on the Andrew Marr show Coalition politics
Cameron's first TV interview as Prime Minister, May 2010.

Keith Richards on the Andrew Marr Show Drugs, Mick, girls and me
Rolling Stones' Keith Richards reflects

Dame Judi Dench on the Andrew Marr Show Dame Judi Dench
Exclusive 'at home' interview.

Labour leader Ed Miliband Defeating David
Ed Miliband takes the Labour reins

Jay-Z Jay-Z has 'Obama on speed dial'
Talking politics with the CEO of hip-hop

Dmitry Medvedev In from the cold
President Medvedev detects thawing in relations.

Tony Blair Middle East's pivotal moment
Former PM Tony Blair on the Arab Spring.

Robert Redford Politics and film
Robert Redford on his political film 'Lions for Lambs'.

Cate Blanchett No 'damsel in distress'
Actress Cate Blanchett on playing Maid Marion

Pervez Musharraf on the Andrew Marr Show Musharraf on Afghanistan
Former Pakistan President against US and UK withdrawal

Desmond Tutu 'End the carnage' in Libya
Archbishop Desmond Tutu's plea.

Singer Tom Jones Welsh gospel
The singer Tom Jones on how he is inspired by his childhood.