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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 10:33 GMT 11:33 UK
The New Al-Qaeda part 3: Your comments
Reporter Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor's three part series investigates the new al-Qaeda which has emerged in the aftermath of 9/11 and the US-led invasion of Afghanistan. It examines what is known about the nature and the extent of the threat posed to the West.

You can read your comments here about the third programme in the series, Frontline Pakistan.

The views expressed on these pages are not necessarily the views of the BBC. The e-mails published reflect the balance of opinion received.

Your comments:

The most enlightening of the three parts. Shame about the appalling camera work and editing which again made sections virtually unwatchable.
Alex Neil, Glasgow, Scotland

A very disappointing finale to an otherwise strong series. Hardly any mention was made of Pakistan's deliberate cultivation of jihadis to wage "holy war" against India and the inevitable blowback that has occurred. No attempt was made to challenge the Pakistani generalissimos over their attempts to differentiate between "good" and "bad" jihadis and protect the former so they can once again go about their proxy wars in India and Afghanistan. Maybe this was the price paid to get the access Peter Taylor had but frankly makes the programme a farce.
H Dave, London, UK

I believe that the programme did not pursue serious lines of investigative journalism. Sure, it had interviews with the Pakistan President & various CIA bigwigs, but the complex relationship between US aid to Pakistan and Pakistan finding high-level al Qaeda members (almost to order) was not fully explored.

Pakistan seems to be going through the motions in respect of assisting the US in the War against Terror, and the programme did not raise this. The true state of affairs of Pakistan's involvement wasn't dealt with in sufficient depth. The programme had nowhere near the depth of analysis of the excellent The Power of Nightmares documentary.
Adam, Edinburgh

Excellent three-part series with thorough research, interesting interviews and an objective view. It's a great pity that this series (and The Power of Nightmares) is not shown on Dutch television.
Aad Hulscher, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I am glad that this part of the series (Frontline Pakistan) showed a good, in-depth picture of the true efforts put in by General Musharraf. Taking the operation to the northern parts was a brave move and shows the dedication and commitment (250 soldiers lost to date). The campaign has had a bit more urgency since the attacks on the general himself resulting in the capture of two of the most wanted.

The American CIA head "Bin Laden division" still managed to leave a sour taste in the mouth mentioning that US has now benefited all that it could from the Pakistan alliance... does that mean that the cow has been milked dry and is ready to be put down?
SR, Oxford

Good documentary (apart from the atrocious camera work). Al-Qaeda is sustained by, and thrives on, the general hopelessness felt by Muslims regarding the Palestine issue (and now Iraq). It surprises me that politicians do not take the "easy" path and look for a mid-east settlement. Not doing so validates the theories of Adam Curtis and the Power of Nightmares.
Ibrahim Uddin, Netherlands

Thank you for an interesting three-part series and restraining from any major Bush-bashing which was refreshing for the BBC. I knew very little about the Madrid bombings and found that episode particularly interesting.

I think the British public needs to know more about what is going on here, and the rest of the world. They need to wake up pretty quickly if they haven't already, and your series went a long way to help wake them up. I just hope your ratings were large as they deserved to be. Are you planning to do any more?
Miss S Marsh, London

I watched the first and last part of this mini series and I'm really disturbed at the representation of Islam that these programmes are giving. I feel that series has only led to more Islamophobia as the views are not shared by all the Muslims and the minority has been given a voice.
Aisha Abbasi, London

Pakistan has played a remarkable role in the fight against terrorism and we, being decent Pakistanis, are proud of it, in Britain.
M T Ansari, Manchester, UK

It's so informative, it makes me want to help to do something about it and help stop the threat. Keep at it guys!
Ogel, London


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