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Tsunami Prayers

Tsunami Prayers explores the importance of faith in the aftermath of the Asian earthquake and disaster of 26 December, 2004.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are explored through personal stories of survival in this four-part series for BBC Two.

Buddha and the Beach

Tuesday, 2 August, 2005
1900 BST on BBC Two

The tsunami destroyed every house in the village of Laem Pom in the south of Thailand.

A third of the 150 residents are dead or missing, and the survivors are being forced to fight a second battle.

Powerful developers are attempting to seize their land in order to create new tourist resorts.

Buddha and the Beach tells the story of one village and its fight to rebuild... armed only with a faith that has no god and no easy answers.

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Producer: Ashok Prasad

Matara Miracle Man

Father Herath
Wednesday, 3 August, 2005
1900 BST on BBC Two

Rumours of miracles happening on the day the tsunami surround evangelical priest, Father GSK Herath, and his small Christian church in the southern Sri Lankan coastal town of Matara.

Whether it was a miracle of God that saved his congregation on that day, or just the diligence of the local architects who built sturdy buildings, is of little concern to Father Herath.

His ministry is enjoying its busiest time ever. Local Buddhists have flocked to the Christian church in their droves.

But when Father Herath's motives are questioned and accusations of him converting local Buddhists are published nationally, religious conflicts of the past threaten to rear up once more and destabilise the community.

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Producer: Steven Grandison

A Hindu Wedding

Thursday, 4 August, 2005
1900 BST on BBC Two

In a tsunami relief camp in South India, 18-year-old Maha prepares for her wedding day. But the bride has cold feet.

Losing her beloved mother in the tsunami has rocked her faith.

She no longer believes the wedding should go ahead but she finds she has no say in the matter.

This marriage represents the last vestige of honour for Maha's family and it must go ahead.

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Producer: Nik Millard

Rizal's Return

Friday, 5 August, 2005
1900 BST on BBC Two

Twenty-year-old Rizal Shaputro made headline news when he was rescued and taken to Malaysia having spent eight days adrift in the Indian Ocean following the Boxing Day tsunami.

This film tells his remarkable story of survival and follows his emotional return to his home in Aceh, in Indonesia.

This devout Islamic region took the fall force of the earthquake and tsunami that followed.

But even though over a quarter of a million people died - including most of Rizal's family - somehow his experiences have deepened his faith in Allah.

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Producer: Dale Templar

Tsunami Prayers was broadcast every evening at 1900 BST on BBC Two from Tuesday, 2 August to Friday, 5 August, 2005.

Executive Producer: Karen O'Connor


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