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Drugland: Ibiza

Drugland: Ibiza
Thursday, January 6, 2005, 2100 GMT, BBC Two

Ibiza has a reputation for playing host to the biggest and best clubs and DJ's in the world.

This attracts substantial economic prosperity for the island.

A quarter of a million Britons flock there each year, and with them come the drugs and British drug dealers.

This film gives a glimpse into the dark side of Ibiza, one which the authorities would rather was kept quiet.

The programme exposes an island that has become a multi-million pound "white paradise" for the many drug dealers who flock to the island to make a living during the summer months.

The cost


The film features interviews with the criminals - active dealers, ex-dealers in Ibiza Prison, and substantial undercover filming with dealers at work.

In some bars, Class A drugs like MDMA, cocaine or 'crystal meth' can be bought over the counter as part of the "drinks promotions" offered to holiday punters.

Drugland accompanies the undercover anti-narcotics police as they bust British gangs from Liverpool and Manchester - fighting for turf with other groups of dealers from Spain and beyond.

Paramedics are filmed as they try to cope with those who collapse from exhaustion and dehydration brought on by clubbing and drugs.

Some even die during filming - the true cost of the paradise that so many seek here.

Drugland: Ibiza was broadcast on Thursday, 6 January, 2004 at 2100 GMT on BBC Two.

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