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Last Updated: Friday, 1 October 2004, 14:27 GMT 15:27 UK
Your news, your views
Take part and have your say
If you have strong opinions about news programmes on the BBC, there's now a chance to put the people who make them on the spot.

NewsWatch is presented by Raymond Snoddy and brings viewers face to face with editors and executives to discuss issues raised on TV news and current affairs shows.

As well as putting their points directly to those in charge, members of the public can go behind the scenes to find out how editorial decisions are made.

When to watch:
BBC News 24: Every Friday at 2045 and 0045 GMT
Repeated Saturdays at 0745 GMT on BBC Breakfast
Whether it's the Six O'Clock News, Breakfast, News 24 or Panorama, we want to hear your comments on everything from the subjects they cover to what they look like.

How to get in touch

Phone: You can leave a message on 0870 010 6676 (national rates apply). Don't forget to leave your own phone number so we can contact you.

Letter: Write to us at NewsWatch, Room 4252, BBC TV Centre, London W12 7RJ.

E-mail: Use the form below to tell us what you think.

Your E-mail address
Phone number

NewsWatch may contact you as a result of your e-mail, or may use your written comments and name on air - please state if you do not wish this to happen. Your details will not be given to anyone outside the BBC.

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