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Commonwealth Games 2002

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Monday, 8 July, 2002, 18:10 GMT 19:10 UK

A&E Ministers act over casualty waits
Ministers have warned that NHS managers who fail to eradicate excessive waiting times in casualty will be replaced.
Lauren Wright, her father Craig and stepmother Tracey Lauren's killers sent to jail
The father and stepmother of a six-year-old Norfolk girl who died after being starved and beaten are sent to prison.
Trimble accused of treachery over arms
Ian Paisley accuses Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble of "treachery" for accepting the IRA had put some arms beyond use.
Crime rate continues to fall
Crime in England and Wales fell sharply again last year according to new figures, but people are still overestimating the problem of crime.
Gulzar charged with assault on child
The former husband of Spice Girl Mel B is formally charged with common assault on a three-year-old boy during a visit to London Zoo.
Land Rover recalls Freelanders
The UK-based car maker recalls more than 68,000 Freelander off-road vehicles over safety fears.
Shipman inquiry 'can be filmed'
Television cameras are to be allowed to film part of the Harold Shipman inquiry.
Blair predicts Bin Laden death
The likely outcome of military action in Afghanistan is the death of Osama Bin Laden, Prime Minister Tony Blair suggests.
Flood defence work brought forward
Work to strengthen Britain's flood defences is to be brought forward, as some of the worst rain of the year hits areas of the UK.
Review of BSE research ordered
A review of research into BSE-like diseases in sheep is ordered by the government in the wake of the mistaken use of cow brains.
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England five seek more time
Eleven of England's cricketers commit to the tour of India, but five will wait before making a final decision.
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Barnsley sack Spackman
First Division Barnsley dismiss manager Nigel Spackman after a poor start to the season.
Flooded counties on a 'knife-edge'
More rain is forecast meaning Eastern England faces the threat of renewed flooding.
Government accused over hunting
Countryside groups say ministers used foot-and-mouth to ban hunting in England and Wales by the back door.
Chhokar family considers court move
The Chhokar family is considering a civil prosecution of the three men who were acquitted of their son's murder.
Mosque security to increase
Security at Scotland's mosques is to be increased following the 11 September attacks on the US.
Suspects still being questioned
Two suspected members of a dissident republican paramilitary group are still being questioned in Northern Ireland.
Sex assault suspect arrested
A man is arrested in Newry in County Down in connection with the alleged rape and abduction of a student in Sheffield last week.
Welsh A+Es outperform England
Government figures from the Audit Commission reveal Welsh casualty units are performing better than counterparts in England.
Colleague's touch wins nurses' jackpot
Staff from a north Wales hospital celebrate winning around 1m on the National Lottery after a colleague started the television draw.
Private Eye - 40 not out ... yet
Satirical magazine Private Eye is marking its 40th birthday with a "ruinous" court case and the flight of outraged subscribers, editor Ian Hislop tells BBC News Online.
'It's like Venice here'
It rained and rained in Cambridgeshire, so hard that rivers burst their banks and fields turned to lakes. Among those forced to flee were pensioners evacuated to an asylum seekers' detention centre.
Around London in an electric car
Drivers in "green" vehicles will escape paying congestion charges mooted for inner cities. But what are they like to drive? We take a no-emission electric car for a spin.
Why own a car when you can share?
San Franciscans are being urged to give up their vehicles and join a scheme that allows them to share cars which log their payment details by electronic fobs.
Papers see off NI watchtowers
The UK newspapers report how British Army watchtowers in Northern Ireland are to be dismantled in response to IRA decommissioning.
Royal Marine in Afghanistan
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On its 40th birthday, Private Eye editor Ian Hislop is in no mood to celebrate
'An unhappy birthday'

Among those fleeing floodwaters are pensioners now staying at an asylum seekers' detention centre
'It's like Venice here'

Three voices on demilitarisation
South Armagh speaks

The Orkney Islander who uses pot and sends 'care parcels' to other sufferersGone to pot
Dope-smoking MS sufferer on the law change

Singapore police deny that Williams was fined for baring his bottom at a concertFine escape
Robbie Williams avoids fine for baring bottom

Ben Kingsley is named best actor at the British Independent Film Awards for his role in the gangster movie Sexy BeastBeastly night
Gangster film Sexy Beast wins five Bifa awards

The results are out in the BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year awardSnap happy
BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award

London's Tate Modern wins the first prime minister's award for Better Public BuildingBlair's winner
Tate Modern wins prime minister's award

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