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Wednesday, 23 August, 2000, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
The crew of the Kursk
Russian TV screens list of Kursk crew
Russian TV screens the names of those on the Kursk
There were 86 commissioned and warrant officers, 31 non-commissioned officers and sailors and one civilian inside the Kursk submarine at the time of the disaster.

A full list was first published in the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, which said it had had to pay 18,000 roubles ($650), to obtain it because it was not possible to get the information from official sources.

The list, which is broken down by the compartment on the submarine in which each man served, was subsequently broadcast on Russian television.

It includes a number of senior officers who were in the Kursk to observe the Northern Fleet naval exercises.

1st Compartment

1. Senior Warrant Officer Ildarov, A.M.

2. Warrant Officer Zubov, A.V.

3. Seaman Nefedkov, I.N. - Torpedo Department

4. Seaman Barzhov, M. N. - Torpedo Man

5. Seaman Shulgin, A. V. - Bilge Machinist

6. Senior Lieutenant Baranov, A. Yu.

7. Employee Gadzhev, M. I.

2nd Compartment

Staff of the 7th Submarine Division

1. Captain First Rank Bagryantsev, V. T. - Chief of Staff 7th Submarine Division

2. Captain Second Rank Shepetnov, Yu. T.

3. Captain Second Rank Belogun, V. M.

4. Captain Second Rank Isaenko, V. S.

5. Captain Third Rank Baigarin, M. I.

6. Captain First Rank Lyachin, G. P. - Submarine Commander

7. Captain Second Rank Dudko, S. V. - Senior Assistant Commander

8. Captain Third Rank Shubin, A.A. - Deputy Commander for Educational Work

9. Captain-Lieutenant Safonov, M.A. - Commander of Military Unit 1

10. Senior Lieutenant Tylik, S.N.

11. Senior Lieutenant Bubniv, V. Ya.

12. Captain Third Rank Silogava, A. B. - Commander of Military Unit 2

13. Lieutenant-Captain Shevchuk, A.V.

14. Senior Lieutenant Fonarin, A. V.

15. Captain-Lieutenant Geletin, B. V.

16. Senior Lieutenant Uzkiy, S. V.

17. Captain Second Rank Sablin, Yu. B. - Commander of Military Unit 5

18. Captain Third Rank Milyutin, A. V.

19. Captain-Lieutenant Kokurin, S. S.

20. Warrant Officer Khivuk V. V. - Technical Verifier

21. Captain-Lieutenant Sadkov, A.E. - Commander of Military Unit 7

22. Captain-Lieutenant Rodionov, M. O.

23. Senior Lieutenant Erakhtin, S. N.

24. Warrant Officer Samovarov, Ya. V.

25. Senior Warrant Officer Ruzlev, A. V. - Head Boatswain

26. Warrant Officer Kozyrev, K. V.

27. Senior Warrant Officer Fesak, V. V.

28. Warrant Officer Polyanskiy, A. N.

29. Warrant Officer Keslinskiy, S. A. Military Unit 2

30. Warrant Officer Gryaznykh, S. V. -Computing Group Technician

31. Seaman Mirtov, D. S. - Helmsman-Signaler

32. Petty Officer Second Class contractual service Leonov, D. A. - Commander of the Helmsman-Signaler Department

33. Senior Lieutenant Rvanin, M. A.

34. Seaman Dryuchenko, A. N. - Electrician

35. Senior Lieutenant Ivanov-Pavlov, A.A. - Commander of Military Unit 3

36. Warrant Officer Paramonenko, V. A.

3rd Compartment

1. Captain-Lieutenant Repnikov, D. A.

2. Captain Third Rank Rudakov, A. A. - Commander of Military Unit 4

3. Lieutenant-Captain Fiterer, S. G.

4. Lieutenant-Captain Nasikovskiy, O. I.

5. Lieutenant-Captain Solorev, V. M.

6. Lieutenant-Captain Loginov, S. N.

7. Senior Lieutenant Korovyakov, A. V.

8. Senior Lieutenant Korobkov, A. V.

9. Senior Lieutenant Gudkov, A. V.

10. Captain Third Rank Bezsokirniy, V. A.

11. Senior Warrant Officer - Erasov, I. V.

12. Senior Warrant Officer Svechkarev, V. V.

13. Senior Warrant Officer Kalinin, S. A.

14. Senior Warrant Officer Fedorichev, I. V. -

15. Warrant Officer Vishnyakov, M. I.

16. Warrant Officer Chernyshov, S. S.

17. Warrant Officer Belov, M. A.

18. Warrant Officer Tavolzhanskiy, P. V.

19. Senior Warrant Officer Vlasov, S. B.

20. Warrant Officer Rychkov, S. A.

21. Petty Officer Second Class Contractual Service Annenkov, Yu. A. - Mechanic of Military Unit 2

22. Seaman Kotkov, D. A. - Mechanic of Military Unit 2

23. Stand-By Seaman Pavlov, N. V. - Bilge Machinist

24. Seaman Tryanichev, R.V. -Bilge Machinist

4th Compartment

1. Senior Lieutenant Kirichenko, D. S.

2. Captain of Medical Services Stankeveich, A. B.

3. Warrant Officer Romanyuk, V. F. - Medical Assistant

4. Senior Warrant Officer Kichkiruk, V. V.

5. Senior Warrant Officer Belyaev, A. I. - Senior cook (instr.)

6. Head Ship Foreman contractual service Yansanov, S. V. - cook (instr.)

7. Seaman Vidchenko, S. A. - cook

Komsomolskaya Pravda
Komsomolskaya Pravda printed a photo of crew member Dmitriy Staroseltsev
8. Seaman Evdokimov, O. V. - cook

9. Seaman Staroseltsev, D. V. - Hold (Bilge)

10. Seaman Khalepo, A. V. - Turbinist (Stand-by)

11. Seaman Kolomiytsev, A. Yu. - Turbinist (Stand-by)

12. Seaman Loginov, I. V. - Turbinist (Stand-by)

5th Compartment

1. Captain Third Rank Murachev, D. B.

2. Lieutenant-Captain Pshenichnikov, D. S.

3. Lieutenant-Captain Lyubushkin, S. M.

4. Captain Third Rank Shchavinskiy, I. V.

5. Lieutenant-Captain Vasilev, A. E.

6. Captain Third Rank Belozorov, N. A.

7. Seaman Tsymbal, I. I.

8. Seaman Troyan, O. V.

9. Senior First Stati Neustroev, A. V. - Electrician

10. Seaman Larionov, A. A. - Hold (Bilge)

11. Warrant Officer Shablatov, V. G.

5th Bis Compartment

1. Senior Lieutenant Kuznetsov, V. E.

2. Senior Warrant Officer Khafizov, N. Kh. - Senior Instructor

3. Senior Warrant Officer Gorbunov, E. Yu. - Technical-Dieselist

4. Warrant Officer BayBarin, V. A.

6th Compartment

1. Lieutenant-Captain Aryapov, R. R.

2. Warrant Officer Balanov, A. G.

3. Senior Lieutenant Mityaev, A. V.

4. Chief Petty Officer contractual service Maynagashev, V. V. - Stand-By Specialist

5. Seaman Korkin, A. A. - Stand-by Specialist

7th Compartment

1. Lieutenant-Captain Kolesnikov, D. R.

2. Warrant Officer Ishmuratov, F. M.

3. Petty Officer Second Class contractual service Sadovoy, V. S. -Turbinist

4. Seaman Kybikov, R. V. - Turbinist

5. Seaman Nekrasov, A. N. - Turbinist

6. Head Senior contractual service Zubaydullin, R. R. - Electrician

7. Seaman Naletov, I. S. - Turbinist

8. Petty Officer Second Class contractual service Anikiev, R. V. - Turbinist

9. Senior Warrant Officer Kozaderov, V. A. - Technical-Turbinist

8th Compartment

1. Lieutenant-Captain Sadilenko, S. V.

2. Warrant Officer Kuznetsov, V. V. - Senior Assistant Turbinist

3. Petty Officer Second Class contractual service Kessler, R. A. -Turbinist

4. Senior Warrant Officer Borisov, A. M.

5. Seaman Martynov, R. V. - Turbinist

6. Seaman Sidyukhin, V. Yu. - Turbinist

7. Seaman Borisov, Yu. A. - Turbinist

9th Compartment

1. Senior Lieutenant Brazhkin, A. V.

2. Warrant Officer Ivanov, V. E. -Electrician

3. Warrant Officer Bochkov, M. A.

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