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Thursday, 14 November, 2002, 10:39 GMT
Arab press relieved, Iraq defiant
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan tells the press of Iraq's decision
Kofi Annan receives Iraq's acceptance letter
Some Arab newspapers reflect relief at Iraq's acceptance of the UN resolution on disarmament. But in Iraq itself Babil, the paper owned by the president's son, insists the resolution is a violation of UN principles.

Babil (Iraq)

"What now, Security Council? Once again we have thrown the ball back into the court of the United Nations, the Security Council and the courts of friends and brothers. Our conscious decision represents our advanced capability for taking on huge responsibilities.

"This is what distinguishes a country that wants 'peace', respects international legitimacy and deals with a spirit of interaction with the resolutions of the Security Council, despite the fact that they represent a clear violation of all the principles and aims on which the United Nations was founded."

Al-Thawrah (Iraq)

"American officials have crossed all limits of reason and logic, decency and politeness, if they ever had any, over the past few days in their aggressive statements against Iraq. Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell and Rice, as well as Blair and Hoon on the other side of the Atlantic, have been dancing around like exuberant little Turkish shadow puppets on the international stage, repeating what their Zionist master has dictated to them."

Al-Jumhuriyah (Iraq)

"The American Ministry of Defence has admitted using live chemical and biological ammunition inside America during the 1960s and 1970s and firing artillery shells laden with sarin gas in the forests of Alaska.

"This admission is another chapter in America's irresponsible and inhumane use of chemical and biological weapons. The heroic resistance of Iraq under the leadership of President leader Saddam Hussein, may God protect him, is what has forced the administration of evil to make this admission. The future holds greater things in store."

Al-Dustur (Jordan)

"The Iraqi leadership did well when it accepted UN Resolution 1441 unconditionally, putting an end to black speculation... There's no doubt that it is an Iraqi step in the right direction, which throws into confusion the plans of those who are lying in wait for Iraq."

Al-Anwar (Lebanon)

"Baghdad has responded before the deadline by accepting Resolution 1441, despite the 'bad things it contained', but it had no other realistic option. It's clear that what has begun is not just a timeframe, but also a countdown: be it regime change, or the tying of America's hands to international legitimacy."

Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

"Iraq, and the unrest in Jordan and Iran. In Tehran and Ma'an, Jordan, there have been demonstrations and troubles... There's no doubt that America is evaluating the new situation, which could change the sphere of war or delay it, because invading Iraq surrounded by a sea of instability could turn everything upside down."

Al-Watan (Kuwait)

"The farce of the Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo recently did not fool anyone, rather it revealed the extent to which the Iraqi regime has led them astray. Every human being in the Arab world knows for sure that the Iraqi regime will agree to any resolution issued by the Security Council, whatever the conditions, as long as America is mobilising its forces to strike the regime."

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