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Egypt cruise ship crash: Your story

Photo: Pat Smith
The Costa Europa slammed into a pier at Sharm al-Sheikh

A cruise liner has crashed into a dock at the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh, killing three members of the crew, officials say.

At least four other people were hurt when the Costa Europa, carrying 1,473 passengers, came into the harbour during bad weather at 0445 (0145 GMT).

Pat Smith was a passenger on board the Costa Europa. Here is her story.

My son first realised that something had happened in the early hours. I was sleeping but I was supposed to be up early for an excursion.

We didn't hear any announcements until about 45 minutes after the crash, which advised people to, "go back to normal activities". But this was impossible as the ship was listing at a 45 degree angle.

We were in a cabin on the fifth deck. I went out to the back deck and I could see water coming over the side. Water from a swimming pool on the deck was spilling over.

I told my son to get the lifejackets. But when I saw a crew member, he said that everything was ok.

We left our cabin in a hurry, and so we were not able to take our luggage with us - we left a lot of our belongings behind.

Photo: Pat Smith
People gathered to see the damage done to the ship
My son and I disembarked and waited in a holding area.

On land we could see the hole in the ship and an indentation that ran all the way along the ship. We didn't get any food or water for a couple of hours.

I saw a lot of passengers from the ship fighting to get on the coaches.

I didn't see any crew members to guide us, but we later got on board a coach that took us to a hotel.

The situation was more confusing for some. There were a lot of people from many countries speaking various languages and it was difficult for some to understand what was going on.

We heard rumours that people had died. Then one of the crew members who taught Italian on board said one his colleagues died. When I heard this, I felt horrible.

I also heard that there were some difficulties in removing the bodies because of the angle of the ship.

The next step for us is to return home. Flights are being organised to send all passengers home. I am also waiting to find out if we will get any more of our belongings back from the ship.

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