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Rebel leader capture delights Iranian press

Abdolmalek Rigi under arrest at a Tehran airport
Iran alleges that Rigi masterminded several deadly bombings

Iran's press has expressed satisfaction at the capture of Sunni rebel leader Abdolmalek Rigi.

Several papers said that Rigi had been in league with the enemies of Iran, with one hard-line daily suggesting that the BBC had encouraged Rigi's rebel group in drug smuggling.

The UAE, the West and Wahhabists also came under fire, though the reformist daily Arman said it was also important to look at what had caused Rigi's group to take up arms in the first place.


Rigi's terrorist group, on the pretext of defending the rights of the Baluchi ethnic group, started its terrorist activities... and with the support of pro-terrorist media like Al-Arabiya, the BBC and VOA adopted Al-Qaeda's strategy of drug trafficking and kidnapping.


Abdolmalek Rigi will reveal information that will discredit his allies and friends. Iranians are waiting for those confessions... Rigi is the symbol of the groups involved in trying to break Iran apart. His arrest could be an excellent pivot around which all Iranians would forge national unity and fight against terrorism.


It is time that we proved the role of foreigners in the terror acts in south-eastern Iran. The real terrorists and their allies should be introduced to the people. We have to make it clear which countries in the world are supporting terrorism.


Rigi's interrogation will reveal many facts about pro-Wahhabi groups acting inside and outside the country to create tension inside Iran by receiving huge amounts of money from foreigners.


The region has become insecure for the activities of rebels and rioters and the cost of terrorism has increased... Rigi's arrest should be considered as a serious warning for the UAE too... The UAE should work for its own national interests and desist from complementing terrorist circles in the region.


Iran... has arrested the head of a terrorist group, which is a very big success for the country's intelligence agencies. However, we must be careful that - in order to remove the roots of terrorism - we should not stop at this point, but try to eradicate the grounds on which terrorism may grow. Unemployment in many backward areas of the country is one of the main reasons that push young people towards terrorism.

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