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Lebanon voices: Maroun Habchy

Voters in Lebanon give their reaction to the new unity government.

Hezbollah takes its orders from Iran and is planning to build its own state in Lebanon

Maroun Habchy
Age: 31
Occupation: Software engineer
Location: Beirut
Background: Christian

Hezbollah still has the power and the weapons to do what it wants. It is stronger than the Lebanese army and this new government is no match.

Every faction in Lebanon has its connections to other countries.

Clearly, the green light was given from abroad - from Iran, Syria, Israel, USA, France - which allowed the government to be created.

The Shia movements Hezbollah and Amal have their own project for Lebanon. Hezbollah takes its orders from Iran and is planning to build its own state in Lebanon.

Hezbollah pretends to have Lebanese interests at heart. That way, it can gain seats in government. It can also get support from the whole country should Israel attack. A smart strategy.

So, we need to change the current structure in this country. The problem is nobody knows how.

Part of the reason for division has been too much influence from abroad. I do not trust any foreign power, neither the dictator governments of Iran and Syria nor the USA - they have not protected us.

As a Christian, France is meant to be our mother. But France doesn't protect us either.

So the situation for Christians is particularly bad here in Lebanon. I fear the country could become like Iraq - where about half the Christians have left.

I would like foreign countries to stop interfering in Lebanon. I fear that one day there will be no Christians in the land of the cedars.

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