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Iran, Israel press at odds over IAEA deal

IAEA Director General Mohammed El Baradei
IAEA Head El Baradei suggested the deal after talks in Vienna

A draft agreement on Iran's nuclear programme at talks in Vienna receives contrasting coverage in the Iranian and Israeli press.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) plan approves the export of uranium from Iran for enrichment in Russia and France.

The Iranian press welcomes the deal as a victory for its stance on the nuclear issue, while Israeli commentators fiercely oppose the plan, arguing that it gives Iran more time to develop nuclear weapons and limits the chances of a military operation against Tehran.

Iranian press


Iran's powerful diplomacy in the nuclear issue… and Iran's insistence on its legitimate rights finally made the Western countries give in and backtrack from their previous illogical demands.


If the fifth UN resolution [to impose new sanctions, due to be passed in January 2010] against Iran is suspended, all previous resolutions will be cancelled and Iran's dossier will be sent back to the IAEA… we can say that Iran is the winner of the Geneva talks...


After the post-election events in Iran, the Westerners thought that they could pressurize Iran in order to get as many concessions as possible... because they thought Iran had been weakened by the activities of the rioters… however, Iranian negotiators remained strong in the talks and imposed another defeat on the West.

Israeli press


This is not the light at the end of the tunnel; this is the light of the train moving at high speed towards us, heralding a disaster… This agreement (IAEA director Mohamed) ElBaradei is waving has a price. This man is going to sell us cheaply and complicate life for us.


The majority in Israel will not believe that something really is being done to halt the bomb until the air force takes off… The agreement taking shape postpones this day because Israel would have no legitimacy to attack while Iran fulfils its part in it...


The already distant option of military action against Iran drew even further away yesterday as a draft agreement on Iran's nuclear programme dealt a serious blow to chances that the United States will attack Iran… The agreement also shows that Iran is, eventually, vulnerable to pressure… But there is also the risk the deal is a one-off, or that Iran will break it...

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