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Mousavi 'must face treason trial'

Mir Hossein Mousavi at a rally in Tehran. Photo: June 2009
Mir Hossein Mousavi has not been seen in public for days

A conservative Iranian newspaper says the country's main opposition leader must be tried for inciting unrest after June's disputed presidential elections.

In an editorial, the Kayhan daily said Mir Hossein Mousavi was a US agent and should be charged with "treason".

Street protests after the poll - which Mr Mousavi says was rigged - have revealed a rift in Iran's leadership.

Separately, a UK embassy worker detained in Tehran has been charged over the protests, a report says.

The British Foreign Office says it is investigating the report, by the Guardian newspaper, that the embassy's chief political analyst had been accused of "acting against national security".

'Horrendous crimes'

Kayhan accused Mr Mousavi of "killing innocent people, inciting riots, hiring thugs to assault people, evident co-operation with foreigners and playing the part of US fifth column".

The newspaper, whose editor is appointed by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said there were "undeniable documents" proving that Mr Mousavi had links with foreign countries.

It also accused former reformist President Mohammad Khatami of playing a key part in the unrest.

"Mousavi and Khatami should account for these horrendous crimes and evident treason in an open tribunal".

Earlier this week, Iran's pro-government militia, the Basij, called for Mr Mousavi to be prosecuted.

Mr Mousavi has made no public comments about the accusations.

The elections, held on 12 June, returned President Ahmadinejad to power for a second term in office.

But the opposition disputes the result, saying the vote was rigged.

Both Mr Mousavi, and another defeated opposition candidate Mehdi Karoubi, have issued statements on their websites describing any government led by President Ahmadinejad as "illegitimate".

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