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Views: I voted for Ahmadinejad

President Ahmadinejad

The overwhelming majority of Iranians who have got in touch with the BBC News website about their country's disputed presidential elections voted for opposition candidates. However, Mustafa, who is 28 and describes himself as "middle class", emailed from Tehran to say he and all his family voted for the president.

Why did you vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

On domestic policy, I voted for him because he supports people in Tehran. He does this by trying to improve life for people not in Tehran, so that they can find jobs in their own villages and cities and not move to the capital.

On foreign policy: Iran does not accept Israel and as a consequence there has been no positive sign from Europe or the US in the past 30 years. Mr Ahmadinejad talks straight and frankly to these countries with whom we are never going to have a relationship anyway.

I was hopeful at first with President Obama, but now I am disappointed.

Presidential problems are internal issues and no country should meddle in another's affairs. France, Germany, Britain and US have ignored this rule.

Seeing that we are unable to have good relations with Europe or the US, Mr Ahmadinejad has tried to create relationships with Asian and African countries instead. This is good for Iran.

Of course, there is a lot yet left to be done and we expect him to do more.

Why do you think so many people are protesting if there was no electoral fraud?

I believe there has been no fraud at all and that other people trust him as much as I do. I work in central Tehran and have seen the protests.

I think several key players are creating trouble for their own purposes. [Former president Akbar Hashemi] Rafsanjani lost the presidential election to Mr Ahmadinejad four years ago and was publically accused of corruption by him during the campaign.

Because of this enmity between the two, I think Mr Rafsanjani calmly decided to show there was fraud. I think he stopped trouble-making after the supreme leader's speech last Friday [19 June] because he knew the world was watching him.

[Former president Muhammad] Khatami is another of the ones creating protests in Iran. I think the reformists chose Mir Hossein Mousavi as a front for their campaign because he had been out of politics for a while and would not remind people of the reformists' problems.

I think foreign countries are stirring trouble too. Why is a country like Italy opening its embassy's doors for protestors? Why are Germany and Britain giving visas to protestors so easily? Why are all these countries suddenly supporting Iranians at this time?

What do you think of the street demonstrations and the way police are handling the protestors?

Everybody has the right to protest, so long as it is peaceful and not harming or killing innocent people. It's not fair that Mousavi is sending innocent people to the front line, he should come out and lead, rather than send them to be killed or hurt by police - or themselves.

I don't like the police treatment of the demonstrators.

Are you happy with the way Iran is run?

Iran should give more freedom to its people and support them more. But we must remember that we are still under sanctions.

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