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Mousavi letter to Iran's supreme leader

Defeated presidential candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, wrote to the Iran's supreme leader a day before the election outlining his concerns about the ballot. Here is the text of his letter as published by Farda News, a Persian language news service based outside of Iran.

To the supreme leader,

With greetings,

Respectfully, as you are informed by the media and other reports, the electoral passion has dominated the country and all social groups from women to men, old to young, are active, day and night in streets and alleyways in this regard.

Such auspicious phenomenon is promising an overwhelming participation of people in the elections and will promote our national unity and international respect and dignity.

However, unfortunately according to the news received, certain authorities and systems are not welcoming this genuine public movement.

To enumerate an example:

1. Certain members of the Guardian Council in the capital and some of the supervisors in the provinces are not observing the rule of impartiality by openly supporting the present head of the government.

2. The respectable Ministry of Interior and provincial governors are hesitating in accepting the list of my representatives in the elections' executive boards, boards at places of instalments of counting systems and voting branches, thereby openly violating the law approved in 5/30/1979 (22 July 2000).

Their last illegal measure is moving around of the representatives introduced by my headquarters in the branches that will create an awkward chaos.

This is a clear sabotage that will interfere with the performance of their tasks. Meanwhile, the elections' headquarter, in the by-law number 45333/44 dated 3/9/1388 (28 May 2009) has emphasised on issuing an ID card for candidates' representatives based on the place for which they have been appointed.

The above act of governors is either deliberate or maybe another by-law, contradictory to the previous one that has been issued without informing the public.

3. According to the news reports, certain commanders and authorities of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and Basij [volunteer forces] are interfering with the elections which, if true, in addition to being an open violation of regulations, widens the gap between official commanders and authorities with the honest personnel of these forces.

Since the scope of the above illegal measures are not known and certain members and supervisors of the polling stations are selected from the supporters of a definite candidate [Ahmadinejad], the possibility of manipulation of votes is disturbing people's minds.

4. Extensive utilisation of government facilities by the head of the government in his propaganda, trips of official authorities and ministers for the same purpose, are open violation of Article 69, the news of which can be found amply in the media.

These are only a few examples of measures that have no outcome other than causing frustration and disappointment for people who are actively participating in strengthening the pillars of the Islamic Republic system with their inexpressible passion.

Having no doubt that your main concern is public's maximum participation in the elections and observation of laws and complete impartiality of authorities at all levels in holding a healthy elections, I hope your guidelines and interference will create appropriate conditions for absolute impartiality of authorities, supervisors and election executives, and safeguard people's votes.

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