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Pope's itinerary: Israel and West Bank

The Pope will spend the next five days visiting various holy sites in Israel and the West Bank. See below for details on their location and his itinerary.

Map of holy sites Pope will visit

Monday 12 May:

Pope arrives in Israel.

Visits Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial and museum.

Tuesday 13 May:

Visits the Dome of the Rock, where tradition says the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from the spot marked by the dome.

Visits Western Wall, one of the holiest Jewish sites. A remnant of the retaining wall of the Temple Mount dating back to a time when a Jewish temple stood on the Mount, it's where Jews go to pray and leave prayers on scraps of paper between the wall's ancient stones.

Celebrates Holy Mass in Josaphat Valley.

Wednesday 14 May

Pope in Bethlehem.

Holy Mass in Manger Square reputed to be the spot where the baby Jesus was laid in a manger.

Thursday 15 May

Pope in Nazareth, the town in the north of Israel associated with Jesus as his boyhood home.

Celebrates Holy Mass on Mount Precipice, where tradition has it an angry mob attempted to throw Jesus off the cliff.

Friday 15 May

Pope back in Jerusalem

Visits Holy Sepulchre, Christianity's holiest place, built on the traditional site of Jesus's crucifixion and burial.

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