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Iran sacking: Your comments

Here is a selection of comments from BBC readers responding to the Iranian parliament's sacking of the interior minister over his forged Oxford degree certificate:

I think it has definitely dented his popularity among certain Iranian groups, namely the political elite and the educated. However, he may still have a popular base among the rest of the population.
Ali, Tabriz, Iran

First of all it is true that Kordan is a laughing stock and the source of many jokes passing by SMS between Iranians but the whole government - at the head of it Ahmadinejad - is the big laughing stock in Iran. Since Iran is not a democracy and someone's political standing isn't really related to what people think I don't think this event is going to hurt him politically. It's just another source of disgust for Iranian people.
Cyrus, Tehran, Iran

It is a great pleasure to know that there are forces in Iran that can reveal such a scandal, and take down the interior minister. The biggest loser in this show is the president, mainly because of his extensive support for Mr Kordan and his absence from Majlis to defend his own minister. For sure, Iran's administrator is deeply drowned in lies and scandals, but these facts were known to all Iranians long before today's event.
Ali, Tehran

Yes, the impeachment does affecty Ahmadinejad's political standing. A lot of Iranian people are making jokes now regarding the Mr Kordan problem. Here's one I was emailed yesterday:
Although Oxford University has denied Mr Kordan a doctoral certificate, the word "Kordan" has entered the Oxford dictionary:

- Kordanize /'k?rd?naiz/ (v.) [past tense: Kordanized / past participle: Kordanized]
1. To get Ph.D without having B.Sc.
2. To become an important person (e.g. minister) by presenting fake certificate or documents.

- Kordanification (n.)

1. The process of receiving fake degree, especially from a prestigious university (e.g. Oxford)
2. The relationship between happiness and telling a big lie.
3. A method in order to gain self-confidence. etc etc etc.
Peyman, Karaj, Iran

I do not think it is very important to have a degree or not as long as you know what you should be doing and can do it perfectly and most importantly with honesty, especially when you wish to hold a high office as any wrong doing will affect the whole country. I hope the president has learnt a lesson and will not take part in the next election because we would all be much better off without him.
Nader, Tehran, Iran

Far from being the exception the forged academic credentials are the rule in Ahmadinejad's government. I have personally witnessed many such cases while working in the XX federation of Iran. However, today's move by the parliament has been a warning shot for Ahmadinejad that from now on it wont be business as usual.
Ali, Tehran, Iran

Yes, this is the best occasion for Ahmadinejad's opposition to prevail at the next election. However, Ahmadinejad's political standing has diminished this year, largely because of high inflation, nearly 25% five months ago. In my opinion, with the decreasing oil price, the president's problems can only grow.
Hamidreza Mahdian, Behshahr, North of Iran

I think that was the right thing to do. The President's cabinet has fallen because half of the ministers has been changed (10 from 21).
Mani, Tehran, Iran

The Minister should have resigned. The Parliament doesn't have the power to sack the minister but we are looking at a country where a committee of a dozen clerics chooses a Supreme Leader for life who is above the directly elected president!! One doesn't have to think too hard why Iran has widespread poverty and unemployment when it is an oil-rich country.
Murtaza Kazmi, London

Things couldn't be worse for Ahmadinejad. He is embroiled in a fight with Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani - former head of National Security and top nuclear negotiator - who he sacked. In theory, Parliament could impeach the entire Cabinet since Ahmadinejad has exceeded the permissible quota of ministerial changes. This is a rare situation where the President has antagonized Conservatives, Reformists, the bazaar and former government employees.
Akbar Javadi, Tehran

The impeachment was a clear blow to Ahmadinejad, but only because he chose to prolong the crisis by refusing to dismiss Kordan himself, which he should have done a long time ago. On the other hand, but one of the MPs who spoke at the session took care to distinguish their impeachment of Kordan from criticism of Ahmadinejad; they in fact framed their action as support for the Ahmadinejad government and its promises of fighting corruption and injustice. One thing is for certain, and that is that parliament's hand was strengthened considerably today in its dealings with the government, even though the two have been largely in agreement.
Alireza, Tehran, Iran

The impeachment is a great victory for parliament.
Bamin, Tehran, Iran

Sure! This will have adverse impact on the President. Mr Ahmadinejad had fully supported him and his forgery.
Ajdarin, Tehran-Iran

I'm not in Iran but I am an Iranian living in Bangkok. I think it must affect Ahmadinejad's political standing, since such a thing (fake degree) has never happened during other presidencies since the Iranian revolution, as far as I know. If this regime is an Islamic Republic then where is the honesty they claim?
AK, Bangkok, Thailand

As an Iranian who has lived most of his life in Tehran, I believe this kind of news comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in that country or who has experienced life under the current regime. Sooner or later we shall all witness the fall of all the rotten roots of this old tree.
M, Leeds, UK

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