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Sunni leader attacked in N Iraq

Baquba victim being buried
Violence also returned to Baquba where Sunni extremists are regrouping

Police in Iraq say at least one person has been killed in a truck bomb attack on the home of a Sunni tribal leader known for opposing al-Qaeda extremists.

The attack in al-Qaiyara, south of Mosul, left about 20 people injured, including the presumed target, Sheikh Abdul Razaq al-Waqaa.

Several houses were destroyed in the powerful blast.

In other violence blamed on Sunni militants, at least six were killed in the eastern province of Diyala.

The dead included a member of a US-backed Sunni militia who was manning a checkpoint.

Troops launched an offensive to re-establish control over the Diyala capital Baquba in 2007.

But officials say government successes against Sunni militants elsewhere in Iraq have forced some gunmen back into the province, where they have been regrouping.

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