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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 February 2008, 11:51 GMT
Sharon's son sent to Israeli jail
Omri Sharon (right) assailed by right-wing Jewish activists outside court
Sharon was abused by right-wingers outside the courthouse
The son of former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon has been taken to jail for fraud connected with his father's leadership bid for the Likud party in 1999.

Omri Sharon was fined 300,000 shekels ($80,000) and jailed for seven months for violating campaign finance laws, falsifying documents and perjury.

The jail term was delayed early in 2006 so he could be with his father who went into a coma during the trial.

Sharon will be held at a low-security jail in Ramle, central Israel.

On Tuesday the Sharon family marked the former premier's 80th birthday at his bedside in a long-term care facility near Tel Aviv.

Ariel Sharon quit Likud in November 2005, forming the now-ruling Kadima party, after Likud was split by Mr Sharon's decision to withdraw Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip earlier that year.

The veteran politician suffered a massive stroke a few weeks later, with the corruption case looming over his son at the same time.

Omri Sharon, 43 and a former Israeli MP, was a key backroom figure in Mr Sharon's staff. Since the stroke which ended Ariel Sharon's career, Omri has been a regular visitor at his father's bedside.

Israel's Supreme Court ruled in January that he must begin the jail term, which was reduced from nine to seven months on appeal.

Right-wing Jewish activists shouted insults outside the Tel Aviv courthouse as Sharon arrived for the hearing. They blame the father and son for "annihilating Jewish life" in the Gaza Strip.

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