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Last Updated: Friday, 30 November 2007, 09:27 GMT
Police drop charge against Olmert
Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem on 7 Nov
Olmert denies wrongdoing in all police investigations
Israeli police have said there are no grounds for laying corruption charges against PM Ehud Olmert in connection with a bank privatisation.

It was alleged that two years ago Mr Olmert altered the terms of the sale of Bank Leumi to help a friend who was considering buying it.

Mr Olmert, who was finance minister at the time, denied any wrongdoing.

Israeli police are still investigating two other cases in which Mr Olmert is alleged to have behaved improperly.

In one case he is alleged to have appointed political allies to positions throughout the trade and industry ministry when he headed it between 2003 and 2005.

In another, police are investigating the purchase of a house in Jerusalem which a government watchdog concluded was sold below market value by a developer.

Mr Olmert has strenuously denied any wrongdoing and has insisted that the investigations are part of a political vendetta against him.

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