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Fatah officials blamed over Gaza
Nabil Amr, a member of the Palestinian Authority commission
The damning report said Fatah leaders had shown poor leadership
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has pledged to punish those held responsible for last month's fall of Gaza to Hamas in an official report.

A committee of inquiry into the sudden collapse of Fatah forces after a week of fighting blamed around 60 Fatah officials and security force members.

The 200-page report called for charges to be brought against individuals.

"All those who failed will be punished and those who demonstrated courage will be honoured," vowed Mr Abbas.

In a news conference at Ramallah in the West Bank, Nabil Amr, a member of the committee of inquiry, declined to name the individuals concerned.

'Poor recruitment'

But he said that those held responsible in the report, which has not been made public, would be handed over to party leaders.

There was no field leadership. There were only individual initiatives
Nabil Amr, committee member

The committee found Fatah had been infiltrated by their Hamas rivals owing to poor recruitment procedures.

Meanwhile, security service chiefs had lacked motivation and leadership, according to the report.

More than 100 Palestinians were killed in the five days of fighting that saw Hamas defeat Fatah and seize control of Gaza on June 15.

Mr Amr told the Associated Press news agency: "There was no field leadership ... There were only individual initiatives."

Dozens of top Fatah officials, including the Palestinian President, gave evidence to the committee.

Around 40 members of the security services in Gaza have quit or been sacked since last month's fighting.

Fatah's one-time Gaza strongman, Mohammed Dahlan, resigned from his position as national security adviser on Thursday.

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