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Last Updated: Monday, 23 April 2007, 11:39 GMT 12:39 UK
Greek jet makes emergency landing
Map showing location of Strasbourg and Munich
A Greek aircraft carrying MEPs has made an emergency landing in Germany's Munich airport following a bomb threat, German and Greek officials have said.

The flight, a Boeing 737 run by Greek flag carrier, Olympic Airlines, was en route to Strasbourg in France.

The plane, with over 100 passengers on board landed at Munich airport at 1045 local time (0845 GMT).

All passengers have been taken off the plane which is undergoing a security control check, Greek officials said.

"The bomb threat was made with a phone call to the Greek police while the plane was in the air," Angeliki Gypaki, a spokeswoman for Olympic Airlines, told the BBC.

Bound for Brussels

She said that the wrong flight number had been given by the person who made the threat and that the airline assumed it was directed at Flight 145.

"We followed standard procedure - the plane was near Strasbourg so it made an emergency landing at Munich airport."

A total of 130 passengers and seven crew were on board the plane.

Most of the passengers were heading to Brussels via Strasbourg and they included EU officials, the airline said.

A Greek foreign ministry spokesman said Greek authorities are co-operating with German officials and that the threat was most likely a hoax.

"I hope it was a hoax, but we are looking into the issue and we hope to have it cleared up soon," Giorgos Koumoutsakos said.

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