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Last Updated: Friday, 6 April 2007, 18:50 GMT 19:50 UK
Iran dismisses sailors' accounts
Captured crew arriving in the UK
The crew returned to the UK after 13 days on Thursday
Iran has condemned a press conference by 15 freed Royal Navy personnel who had been held captive by the Islamic state as "staged" .

The British sailors and marines told reporters they had been subject to constant psychological pressure during their 13-day detention.

They also insisted they had not strayed into Iranian waters.

But Iran's foreign ministry said in a statement: "Such theatrical propaganda can not justify the soldiers' mistake."

'Cover up'

The statement continued: "Such staged moves cannot cover up the mistake made by British military personnel who illegally entered Iran's territory.

"We are sorry that Britain has no knowledge about Islamic culture and Iranian civilisation to understand the reason Iran pardoned the British soldiers."

The British personnel had appeared on Iranian television during captivity, insisting they had been well treated.

But in Friday's press conference, they said they had been bound and blindfolded, and were warned they faced seven years in jail if they did not admit trespassing into Iranian territory.

They were seized on March 23 by Iran's Revolutionary Guards in the Gulf.

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