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Last Updated: Friday, 9 March 2007, 09:56 GMT
Egypt anger over US rights report
Abdel Kareem Nabil
Abdel Kareem was among several bloggers detained in the last year
Egypt has reacted angrily to criticism of its human rights record by the United States - one of its main allies.

Foreign Minister Ahmad Aboul-Gheit accused the US of interfering in its affairs in the state department's annual human rights report.

The report mentioned several cases in Egypt including torture of prisoners and allegations of arbitrary arrests.

Mr Aboul-Gheit told the BBC that Egypt had a strong commitment to respecting human rights.

He accused some Western governments of trying to persuade Egyptians to make false allegations.

The state department report also detailed restrictions on the judiciary and on civil liberties.

"The government's respect for human rights remained poor, and serious abuses continued in many areas," the report said.

Egypt was one of several other countries friendly to the US where there were poor human rights conditions, the report said, others being China, Pakistan, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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