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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 January 2007, 18:25 GMT
Six jailed over Saudi play attack
Six Saudis have reportedly been jailed in connection with an attack on actors taking part in a play critical of hardline religious attitudes.

Reports from Riyadh say one person was sentenced to two months in jail, while five others received shorter sentences.

A number of others were acquitted, according to the reports, which have not been officially confirmed.

The play, in a cultural festival last November, had to be abandoned after Islamists stormed the theatre.

Actors were quoted as saying the attackers were opposed to all cultural and artistic activity, and had been trying to force the festival to be abandoned.

Saudi press reported the clashes at the time but have not reported the court's verdicts, which defence lawyers said were issued on Monday.

Saudi Arabia enforces a strict interpretation of Islamic law, although King Abdullah has advocated reforms.

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