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Last Updated: Friday, 6 July 2007, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK
Egyptian police seize explosives
Egypt map
Police in Egypt say they have seized more than a tonne of explosives in the northern Sinai Peninsula, about 100km from the border with Gaza.

Police often seize explosives and weapons in the area, which is used by smugglers bringing weapons into Gaza.

Militants have been active in the area, carrying out a number of bombings.

Reuters news agency says a Bedouin reported finding a sack of explosives in al-Roda, 60km north of al-Arish. A search of the area turned up 28 sacks.

Tension in the area has been high recently.

In April, an Egyptian policeman was seriously wounded by Bedouin gunmen near the border with Israel.

The shooting came as hundreds of Bedouin from the Sinai peninsula gathered at the border.

They were asking for refuge in Israel saying the Egyptian authorities have mistreated their community.

Two Bedouin were killed a few days earlier after they failed to stop at a police checkpoint in central Sinai.

In June, the militant group Hamas took over Gaza by force. Egypt has been coming under heavy pressure from Israel to tighten up security along Gaza's border with Egypt.

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