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New unofficial Saddam film posted
Footage of Saddam Hussein before his execution
Saddam Hussein's death has deepened sectarian divisions
A new video showing former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein after his execution has appeared on the internet.

In it, Saddam Hussein's body can be seen lying on a hospital trolley, his throat red from a gaping neck wound and head twisted sharply to one side.

The unofficial footage appears to have been filmed on a mobile phone, as happened with an earlier illicit video which showed the entire hanging.

Two Iraqis are being questioned over that video and the taunts heard then.


The new footage shows a shrouded body lying on a trolley - possibly in a morgue or hospital - as several people walk past, though only their legs are shown.

Two men with mobile phones in Baghdad

The person carrying the camera then lifts the sheet to reveal Saddam Hussein's head.

It is twisted at an angle of 90 degrees to his shoulders and clearly visible on his throat, just beneath the jaw line, is a vivid, circular wound about three centimetres wide - injuries which could have been caused by hanging.

His cheek is slightly flecked with blood and looks bruised, and there is blood on the shroud.

Several voices, apparently those of the people making the video, can be heard during the 27-second clip.

As the shroud is pulled back to reveal Saddam Hussein's face an unidentified man says "Quickly, quickly".

A second man is heard saying "I'm going to count from one to four. One, two.... Come on, Habib. Come on. You will cause us a catastrophe".

A third man says: "I am coming. I am coming."

The second man says: "Abu Ali, Abu Ali: You take care of this. Habib! Habib!"

The third man says: "One minute. Just one minute."

The first man shouts: "My dear, my dear. By God..."

'Martyr' status

The footage first surfaced on an Arabic website known to support Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath Party, under a headline reading "A new film of the late immortal martyr, President Saddam Hussein".

Although the injuries visible on Saddam Hussein's body are consistent with hanging, the BBC's Oliver Conway says that the fact that the video could have been made at all is likely to further fuel anger over the handling of the execution.

There was outrage among Iraq's Sunni community after an earlier unofficial video emerged which showed Saddam Hussein being taunted on the gallows by his Shia executioners right up until the moment of death.

There was similar revulsion around the world, with many leaders condemning the way in which the sentence was carried out.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said the secret footage had turned the former leader into a martyr.

The secret video was in stark contrast to the silent official video released within hours of the execution which painted a picture of a relative calm and dignity in Saddam Hussein's final moments.

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