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Last Updated: Monday, 4 December 2006, 17:04 GMT
Egypt holds 'foreign terror cell'
Egypt map
Egyptian police recently arrested a group of foreigners including European, US and Arab nationals who have links with terror groups, officials say.

An interior ministry statement said the suspects included nine Frenchmen, two Belgians, and one American.

They are accused of recruiting and planning for terrorist attacks in the Middle East, including in Iraq.

The group was living in Egypt using the study of Islam and the Arabic language as a cover, the ministry said.

The suspects were arrested about a week ago, police officials said.

"Investigations have confirmed that those elements are related to some terrorist organisations abroad," the ministry said.

"They were seeking to recruit others, teach them destructive beliefs, urging them for jihad, travelling to Iraq to carry out operations via other countries in the region."

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