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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 November 2006, 18:36 GMT
Soldier killed in Iraq raid named
British soldiers in Iraq
The wounded soldier was taken to hospital but died of his injuries
A British soldier who died after an operation in the southern Iraqi city of Basra has been named by the MoD.

Sergeant Jonathan Hollingsworth of the Parachute Regiment was carrying out a "search and detention" operation.

Sgt Hollingsworth was shot during the manoeuvre and was taken to a nearby military hospital, where he later died.

Defence Secretary Des Browne said he "did not die in vain" as the operation detained people "known to attack both civilian and military personnel".

The death takes the total number of UK troops killed in operations in Iraq to 126. Four soldiers were killed in Basra City on 12 November.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said about 200 troops have been involved in the planned operation to detain "individuals suspected of criminal activity".

Sgt Hollingsworth was injured during the raid.

An MoD statement said: "Sgt Hollingsworth sustained gunshot wounds during the operation and was evacuated to a nearby military hospital. Despite the best possible medical care, he later died from his injuries."

On Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett told MPs that it might be possible to hand Basra's security to Iraqi forces "at some point next spring".

The Foreign Office said this did not mean all UK troops would be leaving.

The UK has 7,200 troops in the south of Iraq, mostly stationed in and around Basra.

Mrs Beckett made it clear that the handover was not definite, saying that to leave too early would make the bloodshed "even worse".

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