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Jerusalem's gay march to go ahead
An Israeli soldier holds a rainbow-coloured flag at a gay pride parade in Jerusalem on 3 June 2004
Jerusalem's gay pride march has become a regular event
The Israeli attorney-general has given the go-ahead for a gay pride parade in Jerusalem planned for next week.

Menachem Mazuz said there was no legal justification for banning the march.

Mr Mazuz's comments came after talks with senior police officers who had sought the ban because of concerns about public safety.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been holding angry protests against the parade and have threatened more violence if it goes ahead.

Mr Mazuz said he took the decision to authorise the parade "so that freedom of expression is respected" in Israel.

However, he urged the march organisers to make the event more modest.

Ultra-orthodox protesters say the march will be an affront to a holy city, describing it as a "parade of debauchery".

Gay pride campaigners say they should be allowed to march anywhere in Israel.

The parade's date and route have not yet been finalised.

Last year's march in Jerusalem was marred by a stabbing of three people by an ultra-Orthodox Jew.

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