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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 08:40 GMT 09:40 UK
Marines charged over Iraq killing
Pte John Jodka
John Jodka and co-defendants would not face the death penalty
Three US marines are to be tried by a military tribunal for the alleged murder of an Iraqi civilian, the US military has said in a statement.

The three are among eight US personnel who have been charged with the kidnap and murder of Hashim Ibrahim Awad, 52, in the village of Hamdaniya in April.

Prosecutors allege Mr Awad was kidnapped, dragged from his home with his feet bound, and then shot.

Preliminary hearings of some defendants are expected in the coming weeks.

Pte John Jodka is accused of firing at the victim, Corp Marshall Magincalda is accused of kidnap and binding the victim's feet, while L/Cpl Jerry Shumate is alleged to have fired his rifle at him and to have lied to investigators about what had happened.

The US statement said the death penalty would not be sought against any of the three marines, although it is available in the case of premeditated murder.

The shooting of Mr Awad is one of several killings in Iraq in which US troops are accused of murdering Iraqi civilians.

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