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Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi
Name: Abdul Hadi
Age: 36
Lives: East Java, Indonesia
Works: University lecturer

I was in Malaysia at the time and watched the events unfold on television. As humans we can't accept such a tragedy even though it happens before our eyes.

We don't want to believe it is true. The strangest thing happened in the most advanced country in the world. It seemed unreal.

People in Indonesia, and across the Muslim world, felt great sadness for what was happening. They are just humans like us.

We Muslims will never agree to such terrible action. It is never permitted to kill innocent people.

These people who carry out such attacks have left Islam. They have taken Islam and used it for their own ends.

The Indonesian people felt the same about the attacks in the US, the bombings in London or Madrid, as well as those in Bali.

The world changed forever on 11 September. American foreign policy changed too.

Before that day the US was wise and powerful. It was the only nation able to cross the bridge between the West and the Islamic world.

Religion should not be for the individual, but for the whole of humanity
There are over a billion people of Islamic faith in the world, and there are many different types of Muslims.

American policy since 9/11 has angered many and united many, both moderate and radical, against the US.

The US has many enemies now, both political and military. Iran has united with China and Russia against the US.

It is like a new Cold War. But things may get better over the next five years. A lot depends on how the US chooses to act.

The US must change direction and have a dialogue with the Muslim world.

The US must invite Muslim politicians, Islamic thinkers and leaders to discuss the current situation.

And it is time to take the soldiers out of Afghanistan and Iraq. This way the US can dispel some of the anger that has arisen since the 'war on terror'.

There is no reason why there can't be good relations between Muslim countries and the US.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country with Islamic law, yet it has good relations with the US.

Religion should not be for the individual, but for the whole of humanity. We do not need to see Christians pitted against Muslims.

We can work for peace and greater harmony between the peoples of the world.

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