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Last Updated: Friday, 8 September 2006, 17:01 GMT 18:01 UK
Name: Shadi
Age: 48
Lives: Tehran, Iran
Works: Bank worker

I heard the news of the attacks just before going to a concert that evening.

I was scared and deeply worried about my husband, who was in Germany and my brother who was in France.

I was worried about how they were going to be treated and if they'll even be permitted to come back to Iran. I felt the world was against us. I thought that we would be attacked that very evening.

When the concert started, I couldn't control my tears. I kept thinking that we are living in such a frightening world. That evening when I watched the news, never in my life had I seen such disturbing scenes.

Esfahan, Iran
I felt very sad for the American nation as this was a disaster that they did not expect. They felt they lived in the safest place and did not expect such a frightening attack.

They were human beings who were paying for things that they did not have control of.

As for the American government, I think they didn't realise that this can be the result of their foreign policy with having no concern for other nations.

I don't know what the 'war on terror' is and who the 'terrorists' are. Do we have an exact definition for them?

I believe that attacking other countries is not the way to create democracy for them and that every nation should choose their own government.

The world will not be a safe place to live in and I am afraid for our future generation
Before 11 September I felt that the difference between today's world and the world of the middle ages was that it was going towards creating peace and it was changing for the better.

Now I feel that the world has changed for the worse and the mentality of human beings has not changed.

The most horrible thing is that from now on no matter who wants what, the only way of introducing your wish to the world would be to attack your enemy.

The world will not be a safe place to live in and I am afraid for our future generation.

Shadi is not the real name of this contributor. She prefers to remain anonymous.

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