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Abdullah Dizayee
Name: Abdullah Dizayee
Lives: Erbil, Iraq
Works: Government employee

It was in the afternoon and I was still at work. We had a satellite TV in our office. When we saw the smoke coming out from a tall building in New York we thought it was some kind of an accident.

But when the plane hit the other tower, there was shock on all my colleagues' faces.

I felt very sorry for America and for the people who died. We Kurds have been victims of mass killing, so I am against mass killing and terrorism. Every person has the right to live.

Therefore I think it was necessary for the civilised world to take action against the Taliban and Baath regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. They were killing their own people, persecuting minorities and women. They were bad systems.

Iraqi Kurds celebrate in Kirkuk, February 2005, after announcement of election results
Iraqi Kurds celebrate in Kirkuk after elections in February 2005
I think it is a good thing for the US to be strong because if there is no big brother in the world then everyday a stronger country will invade a smaller one and then strong ethnic groups will try to eliminate smaller ethnic groups.

I respect and love the US, but American politicians should respect other nations and shouldn't use double standards in their treatment of different countries.

During the civil war in Rwanda, the US didn't do anything to prevent the killing of one million people.

Now I feel that the war is between terrorism and the rest of the world. Terrorism has no ethnicity, colour or religion. Anybody from anywhere could become a terrorist.

Terrorism has no ethnicity, colour or religion
The Oklahoma attack was done by a white American Christian. The explosion at the Atlanta Olympic games was also done by a white American Christian. The Tamil Tigers and the Colombian drug dealers are not Muslim either.

There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims. Just like there are good Christians and bad Christians.

Five years since 11 September I feel there is more distance between the West and the Middle East. The whole world must cooperate to reconcile both cultures and isolate people who do not want peace.

If the war between Israel and Palestine is solved then other problems will be easy to solve. But unfortunately I think that the West is not serious about solving this problem.

They have talked about a Palestinian state for 15 years and there is still no state. Turkey must respect the rights of Kurds and other minorities. If everybody is treated equally, then everybody will be happy and there will be no need for terrorism.

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