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Press gauges new Iran deadline
Isfahan uranium conversion facility in central Iran

Iranian newspapers are echoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's defiant response to Monday's UN Security Council Resolution 1696, demanding suspension of Iran's uranium enrichment programme.

Papers in Israel doubt the "Great Satan in Iran" will comply with the resolution. Elsewhere, a Chinese paper advises Iran to honour the 31 August deadline.


The UN Security Council resolution is hostile and unfair... This resolution has violated Iran's sovereignty. So why doesn't Iran withdraw from the NPT [Non-Proliferation Treaty]?


The UN Security Council resolution against Iran's nuclear activities has taken Iran into a new phase... Iran's situation is difficult now but it does not mean it is weakened. There are many cards that we have not played yet. No-one will create opportunities for us. We have to do that ourselves.

Iran's JAM-E-JAM

The main aim of this resolution against Iran's nuclear activities is to put pressure on Iran to make it say yes to the package of incentives... In the current situation, keeping national unity and avoiding debatable, imprudent and unreasonable stances is of absolute necessity. We can cleverly suspend the UN resolution and send the ball back to the 5+1's [the five permanent Council members - the US, UK, China, France, Russia - as well as Germany] court.


As Israel battles the Little Satan - to borrow a phrase from the mullahs - in Lebanon, the UN Security Council threw down the gauntlet to the Great Satan in Iran... It can be assumed that Iran will not comply by the resolution's 31 August deadline... The price that Israel and the world would pay for allowing Iran to develop a nuclear umbrella for its terrorist activities would be much higher, and even more clearly intolerable (than that Israel is now paying for allowing Hezbollah to get stronger).

Israel's HAARETZ

The Security Council resolution's timing is significant, coming in the midst of the war between Israel and Hezbollah... Israel sees the Iranian nuclear programme as the gravest of threats to its existence and security. It must not ignore the connection between the battlefields beyond the Blue Line [Israel-Lebanon border] and the uranium enrichment facilities in Natanz. Hezbollah's defeat in the current conflict will serve as a stop-sign for Iran. It has become stronger over the past year as oil prices have risen while America has remained entangled in Iraq and the diplomatic efforts to neutralise the Iranian nuclear threat have been weak.


The message to Iran is clear: it must stop enrichment or face international sanctions. A month from now, we shall see whether Iran has more tricks to stop the coming international resolution... We must be happy with this. The option of UN sanctions is better than other options. The region has no appetite for more American adventures... If economic sanctions do not prevent Iran from developing its nuclear weapons, at least it would make it pay a huge price.

Pakistan's NAWA-I-WAQT

The only solution to the situation is that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference should be made effective and the 56 Muslim countries should support Iran. They should threaten the US and its allies that any activity against Iran would be considered as aggression against the entire Muslim world.

Pakistan's EXPRESS

Iran has never done anything against international laws. Every country has the right to acquire nuclear capability. Therefore, the Security Council should act responsibly towards Iran's nuclear issue. Otherwise, the United Nations would be promoting the interests of the US.

Pakistan's KHABRAIN

The US does not like the Iranian nuclear programme. Therefore, the United Nations has issued directives for its closure. It is the need of the hour that, in view of the sensitivity of the situation, the international community should side with the Muslim world and play an effective role in restraining the US and Israel's designs so that the world could be saved from further ravages of war.


Iran should respond immediately to the package of incentives and create conditions for building trust, removing doubts and initiating negotiations. The deadline for Iran to stop its uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities should be honoured... Now the ball is in Iran's court.

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