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At-a-glance: Lebanon evacuations

Evacuees on a boat heading towards a ship waiting at Tyre
Ships of all shapes and sizes have been pressed into service
Thousands of foreign nationals and Lebanese holding dual nationality have been evacuated from Lebanon as Israel's military offensive against Hezbollah continues.

With Beirut airport unusable since early in the campaign, governments around the world have mobilised ships, planes and buses to ferry their citizens to safety.

Many governments are now winding down operations. But thousands of foreigners still remain in Lebanon, with many facing the prospect of having to stay in the country and wait for a ceasefire.

Current evacuation operations and plans:

The UK has completed its evacuation efforts, with some 4,400 people moved out of Lebanon on board Royal Navy vessels in the past week. About 2,500 of those were British citizens, the UK Foreign Office said. Many have already flown back to the UK on charter flights from Cyprus. Some 22,000 Britons were in Lebanon when the bombing began, about 10,000 with dual nationality.

The last US ship to leave Lebanon is scheduled to sail to Cyprus on Wednesday. According to the US state department at least 12,600 Americans have left Beirut, and officials believe that almost everyone who wanted to leave has found passage out of the country. The US embassy in Lebanon urged those who still wished to leave not to wait for further official instructions. The US had 25,000 citizens in Lebanon when the crisis erupted.

Using chartered vessels may have speeded things up in the early stages but this is a war zone... I know I would rather be on a warship than a pleasure boat
Middlesbrough, UK

France had brought 4,450 French nationals and more than 1,150 foreigners out of Lebanon by Monday, the country's foreign ministry said. The French warship Mistral is due to take a further 1,500 civilians, mostly French, from Beirut to the Turkish port of Mersin. The ship is due to arrive on Wednesday, the AFP news agency reports.

Some 4,000 Australians have been shipped away from Lebanon since hostilities began. Two Turkish ferries have docked in Beirut to ferry the last few hundred Australians away from the city, with no definitive plans to send more ships. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has expressed concern over Australian nationals trapped in southern Lebanon, and may consider sending a vessel to the city of Tyre.

Almost 1,000 Canadians were pulled out of Lebanon to Turkey on Monday, Canadian officials said, with more boats heading to Lebanon to allow up to 10,000 people the chance to leave. About 7,000 Canadians have left the country so far, out of 30,000 who registered with Canada's embassy for possible evacuation.

Nearly 1,500 Indians have been already evacuated from Lebanon over the past few days, with another 300 due to be pulled out of Beirut on Wednesday. There were an estimated 12,000 Indians in Lebanon.

Sri Lanka has told its citizens in Lebanon not to try leaving the country, and to resist family pressures to find a way out. The country's government had previously described the task of getting about 80,000 Sri Lankans out of Lebanon as a "logistical nightmare".

China's foreign ministry says it has evacuated 143 citizens - almost all its nationals in Lebanon.

A Russian convoy is moving 187 people out of Lebanon and into Syria, the country's Itar-Tass agency reports. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said about 100 Russians could be trapped in southern Lebanon, adding that almost 2,000 citizens from Russia and the former Soviet Union have been evacuated over the past week.

British nationals arrive in Limassol, Cyprus
Cyprus is one of the main destinations for evacuees

Hundreds of Philippine nationals have been evacuated, but many thousands remain in Lebanon. A second batch of about 225 were due to arrive in Manila on Tuesday on a flight from Damascus, AFP reports. A similar number arrived on Sunday. Some 34,000 Filipinos were in Lebanon when the bombing began, and the country appears to be struggling to meet promises to evacuate all those who wish to leave the country.

Up to 10,000 Bangladeshis also live in Lebanon. Bangladesh has asked for help locating and evacuating its nationals stranded in the country.

Some 6,400 Swedes have left Lebanon and 3,700 have been flown home.

Spain has evacuated at least 539 citizens from Lebanon, almost all those in the country.

Italy says it has evacuated a total of 767 people by ship and land.

Germany has said more than 3,500 of its citizens have left Lebanon, with more expected to dock at the Turkish port of Mersin.

Poland has evacuated 214 citizens and 30 remain.

Brazil is organising convoys to Syria, with about 1,000 citizens leaving, and a further 1,600 were due to arrive in Sao Paulo on Monday, Brazilian media reported. However, Lebanon has a huge Brazilian community - about 70,000 strong.

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