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Last Updated: Monday, 26 June 2006, 07:22 GMT 08:22 UK
US pair charged over Iraqi death
US soldiers in Iraq
US troops have been investigated over a series of incidents
Two US soldiers have been charged over the shooting of an unarmed man near the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Specialist Nathan Lynn was charged with voluntary manslaughter, and both he and Sgt Milton Ortiz Jr will face charges of obstructing justice.

The men are accused of helping another soldier place a rifle next to the body of the dying man.

The US is currently investigating a series of alleged offences, with eight servicemen charged last week.

They could face the death penalty over charges of premeditated murder in the town of Hamdaniya.

Other investigations have taken place into deaths in Haditha, Ishaqi and Tikrit.

Guard duty

The latest charges relate to the death of a man near the insurgent stronghold of Ramadi in February.

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Hamdaniya: seven marines, one sailor charged over death of disabled Iraqi
Ishaqi: Iraqi authorities want wider inquiry - US forces cleared of blame over deaths of 11 civilians
Tikrit: four soldiers charged over deaths of three male Iraqi prisoners

The Iraqi man died after shots were heard outside a house where US troops were questioning Iraqis, the US military said, where Spc Lynn stood guard.

However, troops did not spot the rifle next to his body until later, arousing suspicions.

Sgt Ortiz was also charged with assault for a separate incident on 8 March, when he allegedly placed a weapon against the head of an Iraqi man and threatened to have him imprisoned.

The Pentagon said the men would be transferred to a base in Baghdad, where they would be given access to lawyers and prepare to face so-called Article 32 hearings to decide whether they should face a court-martial.

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