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Al-Zawahiri video: Excerpts
Ayman al-Zawahiri
The video was posted on an Islamist website

Excerpts from video of al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, broadcast on Friday 28 April.


The first thing I would like to talk to you about is the third anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.

Thanks be to God Almighty, America, Britain, and their allies have only reaped losses, catastrophes and calamities after three years of the Crusader invasion of Iraq.

They are in an unenviable predicament in Iraq, despite the lies consistently told by [US President George W] Bush and [UK Prime Minister Tony] Blair. These losses and calamities were the result of the mujahideen's sacrifices and readiness to die for the sake of God.

Al-Qaeda of Jihad in the Land of Two Rivers group alone carried out 800 martyrdom-seeking operations in the past three years, in addition to the sacrifices made by the other mujahideen. This has broken America's back in Iraq.

The sacrifices of the heroic mujahideen have also exposed the total inconsistency of the West's doctrine.

Perhaps this moral and material defeat of the Western crusader campaign would urge the West to reconsider its whole ideological system if it wants the truth or wishes for survival.

Not only have the heroic mujahideen's sacrifices inflicted a moral and material defeat on the crusader alliance, but they have also exposed the group of traitors falsely associated with Muslims.

Those traitors allied with the crusaders before, during, and after the invasion [of Iraq].

They prevented jihad against the occupation, and helped entrench it in Iraq.

They promised that they will be faithful guards of its interests after it leaves [Iraq].

They are traitors even if they dress like Muslims or carry Muslim names. They are traitors even if they grow thick beards or wear turbans... The Muslim Ummah [nation] should confront them so that they would not stab it in the back while exposing its chest to the bullets and shells of the enemies.


The second thing that I would like to talk to you about is the dismal fate towards which traitor [Pakistani President Pervez] Musharraf is pushing Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan is one of the most important countries being targeted by this new colonialist Crusader campaign, which seeks to weaken and fragment Pakistan into entities under the control of India, which is allied with the Americans and Jews.

I would like here to clarify an extremely important point; namely, that the US-Crusader-Zionist scheme against Islam does not accept the presence of Pakistan as a strong, powerful and capable country in south Asia.

This scheme does not forgive Pakistan for breaking away from India in the name of Islam; neither does it forgive Pakistan for having the largest Islamic schools, which have great influence on Muslims in south and central Asia...

Musharraf seeks to change the combat ideology of the Pakistani army by reiterating that the real threat to Pakistan is from within and not from without.

In other words, he urges the Pakistani army to attack his kinfolk and brothers and to turn a blind eye to the Indian danger...

How can a Pakistani officer or soldier be convinced that he defends Islam while he has enabled the Americans to kill tens of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan and enabled the Americans to evict the Islamic emirate from Kabul?

How can a Pakistani officer or soldier be convinced that he defends the Pakistanis' sanctities while his commanders order him to kill women and children in his own country?...

I call on the Pakistani people to take the side of Islam against the Zionist-Crusader campaign on the Islamic world and Pakistan.

I urge them to do their best to topple this venal and traitor criminal, and ask that they do all they can to support their brothers the mujahideen in Afghanistan so that they may defeat the Crusader-Zionist plot that is allied with India.

I wish to draw the Pakistani army's attention to the dismal fate awaiting it in this life and the hereafter, for the Pakistani army has been transformed into forces that fall in under Bush's Cross in his Crusader campaign on Islam and Muslims, and has turned into a tool used to destroy Pakistan and rip it apart.

Let every soldier and officer in the Pakistani army know that Allah promises to painfully punish those who ally themselves with pagans against Muslims...

Let every soldier and officer in the Pakistani army know that Musharraf is casting them into the furnace of civil war in return for the bribes he took from the Americans, and that he does not care if 10,000 or 20,000 from the Pakistani army are killed as long as his pockets are fattened by bribes.

Let them know that Musharraf has made preparations for fleeing abroad when the popular revolution succeeds, and has opened secret bank accounts.

I therefore call on every soldier and officer in the Pakistani army to disobey orders by their commanders to kill Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan...

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