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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 April 2006, 13:12 GMT 14:12 UK
Sinai hit by fresh bomb attacks
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Two suicide bombers attacked security personnel and foreign peacekeepers in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, but did not cause any injuries to their targets.

The first bomber blew himself up as members of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) were passing in a car.

A second attacker on a bicycle tried to detonate his bomb near a police car which had gone to the scene.

The attacks come two days after a triple bombing on the Sinai resort town of Dahab, which killed 23 people.

The MFO is an independent peacekeeping force which has been stationed in Sinai since 1982, following the Egypt-Israeli peace deal.

The attacks took place near the MFO headquarters at el-Gorah, about 35km (22 miles) from the Mediterranean city of Arish.

Multiple attacks

Two international observers, one from Norway and the other from New Zealand, were on board the first vehicle with an Egyptian customs officer and an immigration office, officials said.

The second attack, targeting a police vehicle, occurred about three-quarters of an hour after the first, officials added. There has been no claim of responsibility.

The Dahab attack resembles past bombings blamed on Sinai-based militants who have bombed two other tourist resorts in the last 18 months.

The same group is suspected of a bomb attack that injured two Canadians near the el-Gorah base in August 2005.

There are also unconfirmed reports of an incident at a police checkpoint on the mainland in the Nile Delta region.

Unidentified gunmen reportedly opened fire on a police post north-east of Cairo, a security official was reported by AFP news agency as saying.


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