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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 10:01 GMT 11:01 UK
'Pools of blood' in Egypt blast
The Egyptian town of Dahab at night
Dahab is popular with western and Egyptian tourists alike
It was early evening in the Egyptian town of Dahab when three explosions ripped through the centre of the town.

Holidaymakers would have been preparing for an evening out in the shops and restaurants of the popular Red Sea resort when the blasts occurred.

"People in the beginning thought it was a gas explosion," one witness told the BBC from the scene.

"But as long as you go near to where the bombs happened, you find people crying, you find people devastated."

Another described how the series of explosions quickly followed each other.

"I came here, I heard one bomb and a second bomb, then after five minutes, another bomb," he said.

"I came here and I see many people come to the hospital, many people are dead."

A plume of smoke rose some 15m (50ft) into the sky.

'Many dead'

Tourists in the area spoke of people running and screaming, and of streets littered with debris and pools of blood.

Australian Owen Norris, who was sitting in a restaurant close to where the first bomb went off, described a scene of chaos.

"Basically, just a massive explosion, and then we sort of ran from the hotel and then ran back again to try to find friends," he told the BBC.

There were lots of bodies around, people running with blood coming out of their faces
Australian tourist Owen Norris

"There were lots of bodies around, people running with blood coming out of their faces."

Other residents described body parts and debris in the streets.

"We saw many dead people," one cafe worker told Reuters news agency. "People were screaming. People were being taken to hospital. There's police everywhere."

The popular Al Capone restaurant, in the heart of Dahab, was completely destroyed, Joseph Nazir, a safari firm owner in the town, said.

"The tables and chairs have gone, there is nothing left," he said.

"Everybody is panicking, a lot of people are crying. We will be affected by this for a long, long time."

One witness who spoke to the BBC described an aftermath of "relatively ordered chaos".

"The Egyptian police are very organised, and they've cleared out the whole area where the bombs went off," he said.

"From what I saw going by, it seemed like there were a lot of casualties that were Egyptian," he added.

Other witnesses also spoke of a quick response from the Egyptian authorities.

"There was blood everywhere but the victims were evacuated very quickly," French tourist Cecile Casey told AFP.

Eyewitness account of the blasts


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