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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 09:56 GMT 10:56 UK
Iran press hails 'great day'
Iranian Press

Newspapers in Iran have welcomed the announcement that Iranian scientists have succeeded in enriching uranium, hailing it as a great day for the country.

Commentators call for the breakthrough to be used as a bargaining chip in the nuclear dispute with the West, with one saying the achievement is irreversible and asking "What can they do with Iran now?"

Resalat [conservative]

The last step in the completion of Iran's nuclear cycle which confirms Iran has joined the world nuclear club cannot be considered a small victory and must be properly admired... The Majlis [parliament] should declare an 'Iranian national nuclear technology day' to register this day in Iran's history.

Sharq [reformist]

The completion of the nuclear fuel cycle is a very big achievement. This achievement gives Iran a good bargaining chip in its possible talks with America on the one hand and the imminent nuclear negotiations on the other hand. The possibility of a nuclear compromise between Iran and other parties has been increased.

Mardom-Salary [moderate]

After the nuclear good news announced by the president, it is now the diplomats' turn to open a new horizon in the nuclear negotiations and make the best use of the short time before the possible referral of Iran's nuclear dossier to the United Nations Security Council... [IAEA chief Mohamed] ElBaradei's imminent trip to Tehran is the one of the latest opportunities for Iranians to find a way out of the nuclear dispute.

Iran [conservative]

Iran's big victory in achieving uranium enrichment technology has practically put an end to the world's nuclear apartheid. From the very beginning, Iranians have repeatedly announced that their only objective is to attain uranium enrichment technology for peaceful purposes.

Jam-e-Jam [conservative]

Iran's achievement in nuclear technology has put the country on an irreversible path and no one in the world can make us return now. Westerners were trying to prevent Iran from reaching this stage. Now they face a country that has completed its project and has gained the scientific knowledge of this technology. What can they do with Iran now?

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