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Last Updated: Monday, 10 April 2006, 11:01 GMT 12:01 UK
Mideast papers attack Hamas aid cut
Arabic Press

Papers across the Middle East accuse the EU and US of "starving" the Palestinian people following the suspension of direct aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

Commentaries in two Palestinian dailies warn of a further deterioration in the regional situation following the aid suspension, and after Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

Editorial in Egypt's AL-AKHBAR

The step taken by the USA and Europe, the suspension of the humanitarian and financial aid to the Palestinian people, is a policy of starving the Palestinian people. This step will force Palestinians towards violence, internal strife and military action.

Salamah Akur in Jordan's AL-RAY

The cutting of US and European aid to the Palestinian government is a vile attempt to starve the Palestinian people and create harsh economic, social and living conditions that the Hamas-led government will be responsible for.

Abdullah al-Ayiubi in Bahrain's AKHBAR-AL-KHALIJ

The cutting of European and US aid to the Palestinian government was only the beginning of an operation to derail the mission of the new Palestinian leadership... These financial and political pressures will continue until the democratically elected Palestinian government falls, even if this means the starvation of the Palestinian people.

Muhammad al-Quwayz in Saudi AL-RIYADH

Hamas, like all Islamist movements, had no post-victory programme... Did Hamas expect the Europeans and Americans to reward it?... What everyone should realise is that the Hamas predicament is a predicament for democracy and the main winner will be international terrorism and its networks.

Editorial in Palestinian AL-QUDS

The time has come for the international community to bear its responsibilities and embody its principles, charters and resolutions. It is an international responsibility of the highest order to supplant US-European hypocrisy and stop the situation deteriorating in this part of the world.

Samih Shubayb in Palestinian AL-AYYAM

What we will probably see in the coming few days is further international isolation of the Palestinian government. We will also witness a surge in internal crises, including economic and social difficulties. Consequently, we will notice more questions about the future of the current government.

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