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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 18:24 GMT 19:24 UK
Iran 'in further missile tests'
Iran tested a land-to-sea missile was tested earlier in the week
Iran has been conducting tests in the Gulf and Arabian Sea
Iran has successfully test fired a "top secret" missile - the third in a week, according to state-run Iranian TV.

The missile was an "ultra-horizon" weapon that could be fired from all types of military vehicles, the television report said.

The weapon was fired as the climax of a series of tests and military exercises by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard troops, it added.

The tests come amid rising tensions over Iran's nuclear programme.

Earlier this week, Iran tested what it says is the world's fastest underwater missile, designed to elude radar and destroy enemy submarines.

National TV programmes were interrupted to show footage of the missile being fired into the Gulf and destroying a derelict ship.

That came two days after forces tested a conventional missile capable of being equipped with multiple warheads.

The Iranian TV report on the latest weapon said the country's experts were the first in the world to test a missile that needed no over-the-horizon-targeting (OTHT) instrument to find its target.

Uranium row

The week-long tests have been conducted in the Gulf and Arabian Sea.

The underwater missile, called Hoot, or Whale, could be deployed on Iranian ships in the oil-rich area, which is home to the US 5th Fleet.

Iranian military chiefs said it would be fired from ships with technology to avoid radar detection.

Friday's test demonstrated the Fajr-3 missile, also designed to escape radar and capable of hitting several targets with multiple warheads.

The United Nations Security Council has demanded Iran stop enriching uranium, which Tehran insists is part of a civilian nuclear energy programme.

The US says Iran is aiming to develop nuclear weapons, and is seeking sanctions.

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