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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 March 2006, 14:18 GMT 15:18 UK
Baghdad police discover 14 bodies
Iraqi police and military guard the site of a suicide bombing at a police station in Haswa
Hundreds of Iraqis have been killed in recent sectarian violence
The bodies of 14 men, who had been blindfolded and shot in the head, have been found in Baghdad's western al-Adel district, Iraqi police say.

The identities of the men and the motive for their killing are not known.

The discovery of bodies has been an almost daily occurrence as sectarian violence has risen since the bombing of a Shia shrine in Samarra last month.

Elsewhere in Baghdad, nine people working at a foreign exchange and an electronics shop were kidnapped.

Armed men wearing police uniforms kidnapped six people at the Moussa Bin Nasser Exchange Co in the south-western Harithiya district at 1300 (1000 GMT).

At the same time, the manager of the Daewoo Electric Appliances shop in Karrada and two engineers were seized.

On Monday, 16 employees of a trading company in Mansour were kidnapped.

Earlier this month, up to 50 people were seized from the offices of Iraqi security firm, al-Rawafed, in the Zayouna distract of Baghdad by people wearing police uniforms.

Journalist targeted

In other violence on Tuesday, three civilians were killed by an explosion outside the house of a correspondent for the US-funded Radio Sawa in the southern city of Nasiriya.

The correspondent, Mohammed Nur, escaped unhurt.

Iraqi police also thwarted a suicide bomb attack on a police station in Haswa, south of Baghdad.

Policemen opened fire on a mini-bus filled with explosives as it approached them at high speed.

The bus exploded, wounding 11 policemen and a female bystander. The blast also killed the two insurgents inside the bus.


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