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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 May 2006, 19:08 GMT 20:08 UK
North Iraq blast kills 17 people
A car bomb has killed at least 17 people and injured 35 in the northern Iraqi town of Talafar, police say.

The bomb in a pick-up truck exploded on Tuesday at a market in the town, 150km (90 miles) from the Syrian border.

Talafar is said to be a centre for Iraqi insurgents and thought to be a staging-post for foreign fighters.

A suicide bomb attack in the town last October killed 30 people. Twin car bomb attacks nearly a year ago left 20 people dead in Talafar.

The bomb went off near closing time as people packed the market to finish their shopping, the Associated Press news agency quoted officials as saying.

US medics reportedly helped provide first aid to the injured before they were transported to hospital.

The hospital director was quoted as saying the final casualty toll was 20 dead and 70 injured.

Talafar has seen fighting between militants and US-led forces, who regained control last year.

US President George W Bush praised the town this year as an Iraqi success story.

It was, he said in March, a "free city that gives reason for hope for a free Iraq".

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