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What the Abu Ghraib images show
Abu Ghraib prison
Images of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison were first seen in 2004
New images of apparent abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US troops at the Abu Ghraib jail in 2003 have been broadcast by an Australian TV channel.

The previously unpublished images include both video footage and photographs.

Some of the images are similar to those published in 2004 when news of the abuses first came out.

Some of the pictures show dead bodies and naked prisoners, as well as scenes of sexual humiliation.

Various images show men restrained in uncomfortable positions. One of the images shows a man tied between two stretchers, his hands by his sides, placed face down on the floor. His head is too far from the floor for him to rest it down.

Another shows a hooded man standing by a metal railing. His body is behind the railing and his arms are handcuffed up and over the side of the railing, so that he cannot sit down.

One image shows a hooded man wearing only his underpants standing on two boxes. He is bent forward and it look as if his hands have been handcuffed behind his knees, preventing him from straightening


Other photographs show naked men.

Image of suspected Abu Ghraib abuse. Courtesy SBS television

One image shows two naked men on their hands and knees. Another shows a nude man trying to cover his groin with his hands.

An apparently naked man is shown from the waist up, standing bent back over a metal bunk, his hands restrained behind him.

Another photograph shows six or more naked men kneeling on top of each other, as if to make a human pyramid, with two US troops in the background.

Video footage appears to show prisoners being forced to masturbate for the camera.


There are also images showing dead and injured prisoners.

A naked man is shown from the rear with at least nine circular wounds on his buttocks, which the Australian broadcaster said were from non-lethal shotgun rounds.

Video footage appears to show a prisoner hitting his head against a wall. The man stands looking at the wall, moving his head backwards and forwards, then bangs his head hard against it.

A dead man is seen lying on the floor with blood on his face and a pool of blood coming from his head. A piece of paper next to his head has the number 153399 written on it.

Another dead man is shown lying on his back on the ground, also with blood coming from the back of his head.

Some images are similar to ones that emerged in 2004.

A kneeling prisoner clad in an orange jumpsuit with his hands tied behind his back is seen recoiling as a dog, held by a US soldier, barks at him.

Another image shows a hooded Iraqi, arms outstretched, with wires tied to his hands and loped around his neck.

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