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Last Updated: Monday, 25 July 2005, 10:59 GMT 11:59 UK
World press reacts to bombings
World press

Newspapers around the world react to the bombings in London and Sharm al-Sheikh.

One undeniable fact is that terrorism is spiralling at an unprecedented level, spreading its tentacles to nearly every place in the world, even to those places that thought themselves immune to attacks.

Standard, Kenya

The spectre of international terrorism is hovering over our skies, and the suddenness, covertness, indiscriminateness and cruel devastation of its actions are increasing day by day.

Renmin Ribao, China

While all eyes were focused on London, this time "the bloody news" came from Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt's tourist centre at the tip of the Sinai peninsula. This is the nature of the "new war" in the 21st century... A type of war brought on by the concept of globalisation.

Tercuman, Turkey

According to the US and UK, "acceptable civilian casualties" are inevitable. According to the terrorist organisations, "civilians unavoidably get hurt in the attacks"... This is a sign that the world is entering into a brand-new and extremely interesting period.

Zaman, Turkey

Nothing is working any more in the world. The new war, whose shockwaves can be felt in various parts of the planet, knows no boundaries. And it is not about to end any time soon.

La Nouvelle Republique, Algeria

Everything points to the fact that international terrorism is going to develop with more and more victims and everything shows that those in control of the New Order are going to brace themselves against a number of new Berlin walls.

Le Quotidien d'Oran, Algeria

The threats of terrorism have become more widespread as a result of the advancement of communication and transportation technology... Practically unpreventable, terrorism has turned into a crime without frontiers.

Kompas, Indonesia

Local groups that wish to express their distress and frustration will eventually find the global recipe - with or without the mediation of a central super-organisation. The internet offers them an abundance of ways to prepare conventional and even chemical weapons.

Haaretz, Israel

These people who are blowing up cars and themselves in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and London, fighting everybody and declaring death in the name of religion, have taken the world hostage and have laid siege to it with their bombs and their ignorance.

Al-Bayan, UAE

[The London and Sharm al-Sheikh attacks] follow the same script and the same strategy of that global Islamic terrorism which seeks to crush the West, believing that it is a morally decadent society.

El Pais, Spain

Now, al-Qaedism has emerged... This is a significant metamorphosis which the West has not properly understood. Al-Qaedism has grown and spread everywhere as a response to the US oppression against the Islamic world.

Pikiran Rakyat, Indonesia

Simply adopting such methods as military attacks and cutting off sources of revenue will not have satisfactory results in counter-terrorism. The recent events should serve as a wake-up call.

Xin Jing Bao, China

It is not impossible to combat the phenomenon as long as [counter-terrorism] is based on an objective understanding of this challenge that takes into consideration the reasons that give rise to it and makes it grow.

Al-Thawrah, Syria

Terrorism must be confronted in a complex way. International terrorism is a phenomenon of the global era and as such requires a solution which is organised and enforced in a supranational way.

Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek writing in Pravo

The fact al-Qaeda has struck again in Egypt - another resort, Taba, was hit last October - tells us much about the hydra-headed terror franchise... What will those who argue the war in Iraq was the mainspring for 7/7 have to say about the victims at Sharm al-Sheikh, most of whom will be ordinary Muslims?

The Australian

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