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Last Updated: Monday, 25 July, 2005, 10:14 GMT 11:14 UK
Iraq constitution boycott is over
The suicide attack on the Sadeer hotel killed at least six
A Sunni role in writing the constitution was meant to reduce violence
Sunni Muslim representatives in Iraq say they are ending a boycott of the committee writing a new constitution.

A Sunni member of the committee, Saadoun Zubeidi, told the BBC that some of the 12 Sunni members of the committee had already resumed work.

The boycott was called after the killing last week of two senior Sunnis involved in drafting the constitution.

Also in Baghdad, two suicide bombers attacked police checkpoints in central Baghdad, killing at least eight people.

New constitution to be completed by 15 August
National referendum on constitution by mid-October
Full government elections by mid-December

Mr Zubeidi said they had decided to end the boycott since there was important work to do in which the Sunni community must be represented.

The boycott had threatened to derail efforts to reach agreement on the constitution in time for parliament to vote on the draft by 15 August, a deadline agreed to earlier this year.

The charter is due to be put to a national referendum on 15 October.

The committee for drafting the constitution was enlarged in July to include more people from the Sunni Muslim minority, as a means of bringing Sunni Muslims into the political process.

Hotel attacked

In Monday's attacks, at least six people died when the first bomber blew up a minibus close to the Sadeer hotel, sending clouds of black smoke into the sky.

24 July: Suicide bomb kills 25
16 July: Suicide bomb kills 98
15 July: Suicide bombs kill 16
13 July: Bomb kills 26 children
10 July: 20 army recruits killed
26 June: 35 die in Mosul attack
25 June: Suicide attacks kill 23
20 June: Several attacks, 31 dead
2 June: Multiple bombs kill 24
30 May: 27 dead in Hilla
11 May: 70 dead in Tikrit, Hawija
4 May: Irbil bombing kills 60

The hotel, which has been attacked in the past, once housed US contractors.

Hours later, a second bomber struck near an entrance to Baghdad's government and diplomatic compound, killing two policemen.

On Sunday, a suicide bomber killed at least 25 people when he blew up a lorry at a police station in the Iraqi capital, injuring more than 30.

Insurgents have often targeted police in an effort to destabilise the country.

However, police said most of those killed outside the police station were civilians, some of them so badly burnt they have been hard to identify.

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