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Last Updated: Sunday, 24 July, 2005, 11:36 GMT 12:36 UK
Mideast press condemns Egypt attacks
Arab and Israeli press

Newspapers across the Middle East have denounced Saturday's bomb attacks in Egypt's Sharm al-Sheikh resort.

Some papers speculate about the reasons for the attacks: one commentator sees the violence as an attack on US policy, while others feel the bombers were aiming to disrupt the forthcoming Egyptian elections and damage the country's economy.

The deadly bomb blasts in Sharm al-Sheikh are another despicable act by faithless and cowardly people.

Jordan Times

We are the victims - regardless of whether the people killed are Arab, Muslim or Western Christian, or whether they are living with us in our country or we with them in their countries.

Kuwait's Al-Ra'y al-Am

The world yesterday joined ranks with Egypt against terrorism.

Saudi Al-Watan

The purpose of the attacks is fairly evident. Egypt is preparing to hold its first multi-candidate presidential elections in September. Then there is tourism. Disrupting the Egyptian economy is obviously one way of fomenting unrest among those already on the financial margin.

Saudi Gazette

Terrorism no longer targets governments alone, as its main target are civilians who, for practical reasons, are not given the same protection as governments.

Commentary by Abdallah Askandar in London-based Al-Hayat

The Sharm al-Sheikh crime is a message to the extremists in some European countries who connect Islam to terrorism. The terrorist killers do not distinguish between one religion and the other. That is why they kill Muslims in Baghdad and Sharm al-Sheikh, just as they kill others in Madrid, London and New York.

Commentary by Ahmad al-Rubayi in London-based Al-Sharq al-Awsat

The terrorist attacks in Egypt and Britain are aimed at derailing the American train. The two terrorist attacks in Sinai during the last year are aimed at hurting the economy, prestige and stability of the Egyptian regime and thus at uprooting one of the main anchors that the US has in the Arab world. The attack on Britain is aimed at weakening the determination the British are showing in support of US policy.

Commentary by Alex Fishman in Israel's Yediot Aharonot

Hitting at tourist sites in Egypt bridges the terrorists' two main themes: to injure the West and to wound the existing Arab regimes. The attack is superbly symbolic: Driving Western tourists out of Egypt represents the goal of driving the West out of the Middle East.

Commentary by Barry Rubin in Israel's Jerusalem Post

Devastation has hit the world-famous resort town of al-Sheikh in Egypt. In this modern age of terrorism, the world must first understand the root causes of this ideological peril and then, by utilising modern and innovative techniques, act in unison to destroy its roots at their very source.

Iran News

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